We provide a foundation for protecting your wealth while adapting to life changes.

Robert B. Seiden, CSNA, CRPC®


I am the Founder of WhiteCliff Wealth Management and came to the financial services industry by happenstance. I am driven by a mission derived from my life experiences to inject optimism and opportunity into the lives of others. After spending the first part of my career in the healthcare industry, I joined financial services in 2009 after the US economy crashed. Now I focus on helping individuals, families and business owners obtain their financial goals regardless of the economic conditions.

Utilizing a a goals-based wealth management approach to managing assets, I start with where you want to be in retirement to protect your assets and create the proper level of risk. When people are truly confident in their financial stability, I have done my job.

In Partnership with

Jonathan Freeman, CFP®, CIMA®, CFA

Managing Director

Brian McCarver, CFP®, CIMA®

Managing Director

Kristopher Korzi, CFP®, AIF®

Director – Portfolio Management

Shari Dietz

Senior Trader

Todd Bogda

Senior Vice President – Investments

Daniel McGarvey, CFA®

Portfolio Analyst

Shauna Herman

Senior Client Services Associate

Katelyn Gilday

Client Service Associate